About Kayn Photography

Kelvin Kayn

Kelvin Kayn is the owner of Kayn Photography. Kelvin is an enthusiast in the planning and creation of visual media that connect people with their lives and connect their lives with the world. He is a Certified Photographer, trained at the London School of Photography. He is an editorial and commercial photographer, focused in people and corporate photography with a style consisting of colourful and energetic imagery. He runs a client-friendly, service-oriented business and believes that beautiful creativity often is the end product of team effort and values working closely with his clients

Kayn Photography helps clients keep personal memories in the best light. We aim to make professional quality photographs, in print(s) or in a digital format. Kayn Photography is on a mission to help clients look their best, help keep their photos updated and capture the special moments of their lives.

It takes great product images to represent a friendly and professional image of your business. Do you have a product? Get the images you want of your products with our product photography option. There’s no better way to advertise your products than through the art.

Company Overview:
We are in the business of enjoyment and appreciation of photography.  We keep it simple, attractive and professional.


Contact: kelvinmonye@ymail.com

Twitter: @iamkelvinkayn

Facebook : Kelvin Kayn / Kayn Photography

Location: Currently in Lagos, Nigeria

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