Felix and His Bride (Pre-Wedding PhotoShoot)

Love is a beautiful thing and a beautiful sight. As a photographer I try my best to capture certain moments and tell stories with my pictures. Felix happens to be a good friend of mine, hence shooting him with his wife was an awesome time.  I have learnt overtime that It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter. It makes the entire experience worth while.

Pre-wedding images defining love, friendship and support. I do hope you like the images too

‘We should be careful never to imagine, that the wedding-day is the burial of love, but that in reality love then begins its best l ife; and if we set out upon that principle, and are mindful to keep it up, and give due attention and aid to the progress of love thus brought into the well ordered well sheltered garden, we may enjoy I believe as much happiness as is consistent with the imperfection of our present state of being’


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