Tips to create stunning Portrait Photographs

With Photography I understand that although perfection cannot be attained (well because we are human), better pictures is very possible. Consistent practice is the key, I do not mean consistently just shooting anything, think of a concept (literally anything) and design several ways to bring it to life.

Some people draw an image with a pen and pencil, create the shades and colors on paper, then take the picture, however there is a huge amount of photographers out there that cannot draw. Hence there is no harm in pull out a story board with words;  you have to create a process in your mind or on paper before the last picture.

ON days you take bad pictures or you have a dissatisfied client, NEVER let that eat you up, just spend more free time practicing. You can only get better, not worse. I enjoy portrait photography (sometimes), because I feel the human eye is a gate way to the soul and YES! there are tips to creating stunning portrait photographs

– Alter your shoot angles, you do not always have to shoot straight or place the subject in the middle




 – Play with eye contacts, the subject can look away or at the camera



– Take Risks, break the rule of placing the subject in the middle of the photograph.

– Play with lights and shadows Kayn Photography

– Focus on one body part, feel comfortable to get up close enough

– Take as many shot as you can

– Practice!!! Practice!!! Practice!!!


Portrait Shot

Portrait Shot


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