Understanding Photography

What is Photography? I asked a five-year old girl and she replied “it means walking around with a camera and taking pictures of anything”.  “ANYTHING” in that statement I’d assume is living and non living, however it is an interesting definition that could work as a simple definition of Photography. Every dictionary has its own definition of Photography; however using technical terms to answer the question always falls around “The art, practice, or occupation of taking and printing photographs…”

Project Lagos at Night

Project Lagos at Night


In defining  photography as “The art …” a photographer assumes the role of an artist.

Your camera becomes your paint and brush, regardless of the event.  The moment you hold a camera, you are an artist. The yet printed picture is your canvas, according to Ansel Adams “You don’t take a photograph, you make (create, build, construct) it.”. your mind works you are your camera. You can take pictures depicting how you feel (colorful or black and white or selective colors), you can take pictures at an event focused on specific gestures that eventually tell a story, such as hands or facial expressions.

“The practice …” then makes you a Superhero.  This means when everyone tries to follow this one way of taking a photograph, you have mastered a hundred other ways, such as with practice you know when to use your camera with a flash or without or how to freeze an object in motion. Remember this goes back to the statement “… practice makes perfect”.

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See the contrast

See the contrast


Kelvin Kayn (Photographer)


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